Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs

Public Affairs plans and executes communication strategies to gain informed public support for Air Force personnel, resources and missions; oversees worldwide public affairs force management, development and readiness; and directs public engagement and media operations programs.

Air Force Public Affairs Agency

The Air Force Public Affairs Agency provides multimedia services to the Department of the Air Force. It provides an archiving and distribution capability for all public affairs products, manages licensing and branding of the Air Force and Space Force trademarks, deploys crisis response teams for public affairs support to contingencies, and conducts research and establishes guidance on emerging technologies for future public affairs operations. 

Strategy and Assessments

The Strategy and Assessments Division provides communication, advice and planning support for Air Force priorities, issues and initiatives. They also, evaluate and assess the effectiveness of communication products, processes and programs, in order to provide recommendations for appropriate adaptations to future plans and operations.

Requirements and Development

The Requirements and Development Division establishes, manages and oversees force development and management, training programs and educational curricula for Public Affairs forces.  They also advocate Air Force Public Affairs equities in the development of DoD, Joint, and Service directives and doctrine. Ultimately integrating Public Affairs capabilities into operational planning and execution guidance.


Engagement Division develops and executes public engagement programs to build sustained public understanding, trust and support for Air Force personnel and missions.

Media Operations

The Media Operations Division provides information to the public (national and international) on Air Force policies, programs, activities & issues through independent and DoD media.