3rd Audiovisual Squadron patch

3rd Audiovisual Squadron


"Provide communication capabilities advancing Air Force and DoD priorities through innovative video productions."

What is an Air Force Video Production?
An Air Force video production is a high-quality long-term product filmed using advanced camera equipment in order to communicate strategic messaging to a targeted audience.

Video production is deliberate and scripted high-quality video focused entirely on "controlled/staged action". Production teams work to set a scene that simulates the real thing, allowing them to tweak and control the visuals and details to ensure they clearly illustrate the intended message and themes.

The best way to think about video production versus public affairs video broadcasting is to think about a movie film crew as opposed to a news broadcasting team.

Lineage. Constituted as 3 AAF Combat Camera Unit and activated on 12 Feb 1943. Inactivated on 27 Oct 1945. Consolidated (20 Oct 2009) with the 1365 Audiovisual Squadron (Combat Camera) which was activated as the 1365 Photographic Squadron on 1 Jan 1976. Redesignated as: 1365 Audiovisual Squadron on 1 Jun 1976; 1365 Audiovisual Squadron (Combat Camera) on 1 Feb 1990. Inactivated on 1 Apr 1992. Redesignated as 3 Combat Camera Squadron on 20 Oct 2009. Activated on 23 Oct 2009. Redesignated as 3 Audiovisual Squadron on 4 Apr 2018.

Assignments. 1 Motion Picture Unit, 12 Feb 1943; Eighth Air Force 3 Nov 1943; 8 Reconnaissance Wing (Provisional) (attached to 2 Bomb Division), 27 Feb 1944; 325 Photographic Wing, Reconnaissance, 9 Aug 1944; Eighth Air Force, 6 Feb 1945; VIII Fighter Command, 16 Jul-27 Oct 1945. Aerospace Audio-Visual Service (later Aerospace Audiovisual Service), 1 Jan 1976-1 Apr 1992. Air Force Public Affairs Agency, 23 Oct 2009- present.

Stations. Culver City, CA, 12 Feb 1943; Fort Hamilton, NY, 14-21 Oct 1943; Liverpool, UK, 3 Nov 1943; Camp Lynn (High Wycombe), UK, 3 Nov 1943; Cheddington, UK, 11 Nov 1943; Teddington, UK, by 31 Dec 1943; Hethel, UK, by 28 Feb 1944; Camp Lynn (High Wycombe), 22 Apr 1944-27 Oct 1945. Kelly AFB, TX, 1 Jan 1976; Lackland AFB, TX, 15 Jul 1980-1 Apr 1992. Lackland AFB, TX, 23 Oct 2009- present.

Service Streamers. World War II: European-African-Middle Eastern Theater.