Air Force Public Web


Provide Airmen with unique Internet-based capabilities and digital tools to optimize efforts to communicate the Air Force mission and legacy.

Be the primary innovators of public communications in support of global operations.


Public Web elevates the public affairs career field's standardized digital messaging tools to the cutting edge of Internet capabilities by offering support and guidance to public affairs professionals and advising career field leadership.

Advising leadership
Based on our own research and feedback from the field, Public Web advises leadership on recommended modifications of the Public Web structure.

Supporting the career field
Each site manager is responsible for creating and updating content for their respective site, but the following are some ways Public Web supports them:


Create and moderate a Community of Practice to facilitate career field collaboration and a one-stop shop for answers to Internet capabilities related questions.

Manage the program to migrate or create websites.

Process documents to waiver websites from the Public Web Program


Guiding the career field
Public Web is responsible for maintaining proficient knowledge about the Air Force's content managing system as well as all relevant policy and regulation and guide the career field in the following ways:

  • Share information regarding Public Web regulations and technology through online forums, video conferences and closed social networking sites.
  • Maintain up-to-date training by communicating regularly with AFPIMS training, CDC writers, and DINFOS curriculum developers.

Public Web Contact Information

Mailing address (U.S. Postal Service)
Air Force Public Affairs Agency
Attn: Air Force Public Web
555 E Street East, Bldg. T-581
JBSA-Randolph, TX  78150

Phone: 210-652-7074
DSN: 487-7074

DMA Service Desk
Phone: 301-222-6600
DSN: 312-733-4600