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Welcome to the Air Force National Engagement Office in New York City. Our mission is to connect national audiences with America's Airmen and Space Professionals, brokering opportunities for the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Space Force to share its story and priorities through national media and civic engagements. 

We are the primary contact for producers, bookers and authors seeking to feature U.S. Air Force and/or U.S. Space Force personnel, equipment or assets.

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805 Third Ave., 9th Floor

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Telephone: 732-239-9359 or 732-275-2886

email: airforcenyc@us.af.mil

Department of the Air Force Book Program

Photo of books about the Air Force

The U.S. Department of the Air Force Book Support Program provides support to authors publishing books, both fiction and non-fiction, with Air Force and Space Force related content. The National Media Engagement office in New York City is the initial contact for processing Book Program requests.

The DAF Book Support Program provides authors a convenient, single location to submit requests for information, interviews, base tours and other related needs.

To initiate the process, please click on the "DAF Book Support Request Form" link below to download the form. If you are going through a publishing company, please send in a Letter of Intent to publish, refer to the example below. 

Return the completed form and any supporting documentation to the National Media Engagement Office by e-mail or postal mail.  Requesters can expect a reply from the program manger within one full work week of receipt of the fully-completed form and all supporting documentation.

Once a project is approved for official support, the author will receive a letter indicating that approval. The author is then free to contact the Public Affairs offices at the bases he or she is interested in visiting. Participation by the affected units is at the sole discretion of that unit's chain of command. 

DAF Book Support Request Form 

Example Letter of Intent

Department of the Air Force National Media Engagement Office
USAF Book Support Program
805 Third Ave., 9th Floor
New York, NY 10022

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DAF Book Program Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the process for my project which is multi-service or coalition-focused?
    1. Projects involving more than one service or a combatant command requires the Office of the Secretary of Defense Public Affairs book support program endorsement prior to the Air Force assessing the project. You can still send the initial request to SAF/PAON and we will coordinate with OSD/PA.
  2. Does SAF/PAON conduct security and Policy reviews?
    1. SAF/PAON does not conduct security and policy reviews. Affected units will initiate the security and policy review process and coordinate with the Defense Office of Prepublication and Security Review (DOPSR) as necessary per AFI 35-102, Security and Policy Review Process. Information regarding DOPSR review procedures is available on their website at http://www.esd.whs.mil/DOPSR/DoD
  3. I am an Airman writing an Autobiography, Memoir or Tell-All, who do I submit my project to?
    1. Active duty and retired Airmen who write about Air Force subjects must submit their project for security, policy and legal reviews in accordance with DOPSR guidelines. Information regarding DOPSR review procedures is available on their website at http://www.esd.whs.mil/DOPSR/DoD. It is recommended you begin coordination with your local Public Affairs office.
  4. I am a former/retired military or DoD employee, can I attribute my service?
    1. Retired military members can refer to their retired status, the rank they retired at, and the branch of service from which they retired. They cannot, however, give their unit or organization name as part of their title, as it would imply DoD endorsement of the book.
  5. Can I use the USAF/USSF symbol in my book?
    1. The current procedure to utilize either symbol on a book is to fill out a book request form and submit to SAF/PAON. Once the book requirements are met, SAF/PAON will send book request email to the DAF Trademark and Licensing for go/no go approval and MAJCOM if applicable.
  6. What disclaimer should I use so that my book does not imply DoD Endorsement?
    1. SAF/PAON recommends you put a disclaimer at the beginning of your book with verbiage along the lines of:

“Although the stories in this book are based on true events, many of the names, locations, and scenarios have been changed to protect the identity and privacy of the individuals involved. The views and opinions in this book are solely those of the author and do not reflect official sanctioning or endorsement by the Department of the Air Force or any element of the Department of Defense.”

The disclaimer can be tailored for each author's book as deemed appropriate.

Still have Questions? 

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Air Force National Media Engagement Office
USAF Book Support Program
805 Third Ave., 9th Floor
New York, NY 10022