OL-X is the 2nd AVS's video production facility focused on supporting space-based missions and documentation. The need for video production and strategic information support is growing as the USSF increases operations. OL-X provides strategic video production capabilities to Space Force customers, to include:

      Video Production:

Military and civilian producers/ directors create motion imagery based on customer communication requirements. Productions are created with recorded imagery, sound and music to meet specific Space Force messaging. They serve as project managers and are responsible for all artistic and creative aspects of a production.




      Visual Documentation: 

Acquisition of B-roll for documentation and motion imagery production to support USSF leaders from Field Commands, Deltas, FOAs, and DRUs. Provide support for external media, historical documentation and command information.

Video production specialists travel in support of motion imagery productions, military exercises, worldwide contingencies and other major events.


      Motion Imagery Graphics:

The Motion Imagery Graphic capability produces high-end original 3D graphics for motion imagery productions that enhance the communication value of productions and augment communications involving the space domain.


Route video production requests through your installation/local PA office to give them first right of refusal. If the local PA office doesn’t have the capability or capacity, the local PA office will route the request to the SAF/PA Space Team for adjudication and prioritization of what is assigned to OL-X.


Space Force visual information requests have been met by the 2nd AVS and will continue to be met with OL-X.

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