Operating Location-Hill (Air Force Public Affairs Agency)

"Strengthen communication capabilities by capturing, creating, and conveying the Air Force's legacy and mission through innovative motion imagery"

Lineage: Constituted as 2 Army Air Forces Combat Camera Unit on 4 Feb 1943. Activated on 12 Feb 1943. Redesignated as 2 Combat Camera Unit on 1 Aug 1945. Inactivated on 30 Nov 1945. Activated on 1 Jun 1949. Inactivated on 26 Sep 1949. Activated on 1 Sep 1950. Redesignated as 2 Photographic Squadron on 1 May 1951. Inactivated on 8 Jun 1954. Consolidated (1 Apr 1992) with the 1352 Audiovisual Squadron, which was designated, and activated, on 1 Oct 1985. Redesignated as 1352 Audiovisual Squadron (Combat Camera) on 1 Feb 1990.  Redesignated as 2 Combat Camera Squadron on 1 Apr 1992, inactivated on 1 Apr 1996, reactivated on 23 Oct 2009, inactivated on 20 Sept 2014. Redesignated as Operating Location-H (Air Force Public Affairs Agency) on 1 Oct 2014.

Assignments: 1 Motion Picture Unit, 12 Feb 1943; AAF, India-Burma Sector, c. 27 Jun 1944 (attached to 8 Photo Reconnaissance Group, Jul-26 Oct 1944; XX Bomber Command, 27 Oct 1944-c. Apr 1945); XXI Bomber Command, c. 8 Jun 1945; Twentieth Air Force, 16 Jul-30 Nov 1945. 311 Air Division (attached to 91 Strategic Reconnaissance Wing), 1 Jun-26 Sep 1949. 2750 Air Base Wing, 1 Sep 1950; Air Pictorial Service, 5 Jun 1951; 4860 Photo (later, 1350 Photo) Group, 12 Feb 1952 (attached to Far East Air Forces, 24 Jul 1952-); Air Photographic and Charting Service, 1 Jan-8 Jun 1954 (remained attached to Far East Air Forces to 8 Jun 1954). Aerospace Audiovisual (later, Air Combat Camera) Service, 1 Oct 1985; 615 Air Mobility Operations Group, 22 Jul 1994-1 Apr 1996. Air Force Public Affairs Agency, 23 Oct 2009 t present.

Stations: Culver City, CA, 12 Feb 1943-3 May 1944 (not manned, Feb-Aug 1943); Karachi, India, 27 Jun 1944; Bally, India, 10 Jul 1944; Tollygunge, India, Jul 1944; Kharagpur, India, Nov 1944; Hijli, India, Nov 1944-6 May 1945; Tinian, 8 Jun-30 Nov 1945. McGuire AFB, NJ, 1 Jun-26 Sep 1949. Wright-Patterson AFB, OH, 1 Sep 1950; Long Beach, CA, 15 Sep 1951; Lockheed Air Terminal, Burbank, CA, 1 Apr-16 Jun 1952; Yokota AB, Japan, 24 Jul 1952-8 Jun 1954. Norton AFB, CA, 1 Oct 1985; March AFB, CA, 4 Oct 1993-1 Apr 1996. Hill AFB, UT, 23 Oct 2009 to present.

Service Streamers: World War II Asiatic-Pacific Theater.

Campaign Streamers. Korea: Summer-Fall, 1952; Third Korean Winter; Summer, 1953.

Decorations.Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards: 1 Jan 1986-30 Jun 1987; 1 Jul 1989-30 Jun 1991. Air Force Organizational Excellence Award: 1 Jun 1991-31 May 1993.


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The Assistant Secretary of Air Force (Acquisition), in conjunction with the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, is pleased to announce an Industry Day to discuss the Air Force's NDMA Airworthiness (AW) Accreditation Process. The Government is providing opportunities for interested companies to meet with USAF NDMA Office representatives during One-on-One Sessions for industry presentations and discussions. You MUST pre-register via email to attend this event no later than 3:00 PM EDST Wednesday 4 November 2015. To pre-register, email the information requested below to: USAF.Airworthiness.Office@us.af.mil <a href="https://www.fbo.gov/index?s=opportunity&mode=form&id=df43aae5a03ddc3b36ffc1c1307b6511&tab=core&_cview=0" target="_blank">https://www.fbo.gov/index?s=opportunity&mode=form&id=df43aae5a03ddc3b36ffc1c1307b6511&tab=core&_cview=0</a>
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We had the honor of producing a 360 Beast Video of BEAST at BMT: https://t.co/ciIMT5MH5q . We hope you like it: @AETCommand
360 Beast Video we produced: https://t.co/ciIMT5MH5q. We could make a 360 video for you @AFSpecOpsCmd @AF_Academy @USAF_ACC @AFGlobalStrike
AF Vet Famous Amos. From Florida, baked in NYC, sold in LA, lives in Hawaii. https://t.co/zHakpn3ODS @WCTV @NBCNewYork @NBCLA @HawaiiNewsNow
Airmen from Hill AFB are on a mock deployment with F-35s at Mountain Home AFB to have IOC by 1 August. https://t.co/SI7s29nbhk @KSLcom @KTVB
AF combat broadcaster from Georgia, worked at Maxwell, now works at AFN California. https://t.co/nOQHQ9oGPd @wsbtv @KTLA @wsfa12news
We're live covering @POTUS speaking at the Air Force Academy Graduation! https://t.co/K2QQUZBsGD @AFPAA @DefenseMediaAct @AirForceMag
We're excited to provide coverage of @POTUS and @AFThunderbirds at the Academy Graduation. Congrats class of 2016! https://t.co/nAaahThjzb
Live video of first female Combatant Commander taking command https://t.co/0X7xW5Lc1Y @NoradNorthcom @AFPAA @AirForceAssoc @USNavy #Secdef
We're honored to be providing live video footage for this event. https://t.co/toMajnD9Qo
We're honored to be covering this event, along with @DefenseMediaAct. https://t.co/Jv49Jw8d2P
@US_TRANSCOM @SECDEFUS Those massive aircraft need well maintained landing gear. See how @HAFB makes it happens! https://t.co/Kb81IA2MGf
@Airboyd A look at how the Air Force maintains landing gear. https://t.co/Kb81IA2MGf
We're proud to have played a role in helping tell the story of @AFSpace. https://t.co/wQ1hBZp5Fb
@HAFB We love being stationed at Hill Air Force Base, where we get to partner with team Hill for many of our videos. We hope you enjoy them!

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