Website Required OPSEC Training

The required OPSEC training is derived from AFI 10-701, Operations Security, whose OPR is AF/A3Z-CI, Information Operations.


The paragraph is 5.3.5., as noted below. As the paragraph states, Web Site Administrators, Webmasters, and anyone (superiors, public affairs specialist, OPSEC coordinators, PMs, SMO/SMNCO, etc.) who has the responsibility to review information for public release will complete OPSEC training focused on reviewing information to be posted on Internet-based Capabilities.


So, if you are a webmaster or content provider and actually have access to **and** post information on the Internet...  you need this training.


The training is OPSEC and Public Release Decisions (OPSE-1500)

And  OPSEC and Internet Based Capabilities (OPSE-3500)