Thou Shall Not Use .com Domains


OMB Web Policy


6. Use Approved Domains.

A. Your agency must use only .gov, .mil, or domains unless the agency head explicitly determines another domain is necessary for the proper performance of an agency function.

DODI 8550.01 Internet-based Capabilities

Domains. Internet domain names established and approved in compliance with DoDI 8410.01 (Reference (av)) shall be used for all DoD Internet services. The “.mil” Internet domain is established for the exclusive use of the DoD, and should be the primary address for DoD Internet services.


The only exception is for an FSS website which requires commercial advertising or the online presence of a Commercial Enterprise newspaper contract, where the online presence is maintained by the contractor.

DODI 5120.4 DOD Newspapers, Magazines and Civilian Enterprise Publications
4.21. Although DoD internet web sites are normally discouraged from linking to commercial activities, the commander may authorize an installation web site to be linked to the web site carrying the authorized CE publication, in accordance with DoD Directive 5200.28 (reference (k)).


E4.1.6.4. Except as authorized by the next higher headquarters for special situations or occasions (such as an installation open house), CE publications shall not be distributed outside the intended DoD audience and retirees, which includes family members. Electronic publication on the Internet and/or World Wide Web is not considered distribution outside the intended DoD audience.