Phonebooks on Public Websites

Per DODI 8550.01 IbC

Page 20: e. Information Control, Dissemination, and Marking

Personal and personnel security must be considered, and public disclosure of PII should be limited to pictures, names, biographies, and contact information of DoD personnel who, by the nature of their position and duties, frequently interact with the public, such as general or flag officers, public affairs officers, or personnel designated as official spokespersons.

Page 21: unclassified DoD Internet service or IbC is classified, sensitive, or would constitute classified or sensitive information when aggregated

Page 32:

(1)  Non-public or sensitive information shall not be collected, disseminated, stored, or otherwise processed via IbC unless directed to do so in statute, regulation, or Executive order. IbC are not subject to Federal or DoD IA standards, controls, or enforcement, and therefore may not consistently provide the protections necessary to prevent disclosure to inappropriate or unintended audiences.

In summary: Yes, a PA office may publish a phone book of the base on a public website IF the phone book lists only official information, such as Library, library phone number and library organization email (.ie., bowling alley, riding stables, fitness center, MTF, dental clinic, etc. Names of personnel assigned to those units, their specific phone number and/or specific individual email addresses: may NOT be published.