FOUO, Sensitive or PII Will NOT be Publicshed on Public Websites

Per DODI 8550.01 Internet Based Capabilities


(2) Rules governing CUI, including FOUO and PII. FOUO information, as defined in Reference (bh), shall be protected by access controls as specified in Step 4 (subparagraph 4.d.) of this appendix. Questions about FOUO and other CUI should be referred to the local OPSEC or FOIA office. Types of information that usually meet these criteria include:


(a) Information whose release could substantially hinder the effective performance of DoD military operations and exercises, such as standard operating procedures; tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs); information on intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities; command and control and IT architectures and configurations; mobilization, “bed down” or unit movement data and schedules; specificity about unit readiness and unit shortfalls; operation schedules; logistics support requirements, including host nation support; and detailed maps or installation photography.


(b) Proprietary information submitted by a contractor and protected by a limited rights statement or other agreement, trade secrets, and commercial and financial information submitted by an entity outside the government that considers the information to be protected from release to the public.


(c) Test and evaluation information that could result in an unfair advantage or disadvantage to the manufacturer or producer.


(d) Technical information not marked, or otherwise determined to be appropriate for Distribution Statement A as described in Reference (ak). This includes all technical information that can be used or be adapted for use to design, engineer, produce, manufacture, operate, repair, overhaul, or reproduce any military or space equipment or technology concerning such equipment.


(e) Security classification guides that, if not classified, must be designated FOUO and restricted from dissemination via public DoD Internet services and IbC.


(f) Personal information, as defined in Reference (aq). When posted on DoD Internet services, the requirements of Enclosure 3, subparagraph 1.e.(2) shall be met.