External Links

Per AFI 35-107

5.2. External Links.


5.2.1. Criteria. The ability to hyperlink to external sources is a fundamental part of the Worldwide Web and can add significant value to the functionality of a public Web site. Air Force activities will establish objective and supportable criteria or guidelines for the selection and maintenance of links to external Web pages. Guidelines must consider the informational needs of personnel and their families, mission-related needs, and public communication and community relations objectives. Such guidelines must be consistent with the following considerations:


5.2.2. Links to non-DOD Web site resources must support the organization’s mission. External links must be reviewed periodically to ensure their continued suitability. If the content of a linked external site becomes questionable or objectionable, remove the link.


5.2.3. In accordance with DOD 5500.7-R, Joint Ethics Regulation, no product endorsements or preferential treatment shall be given on Air Force public Web sites.


5.2.4. No payment of any kind shall be accepted in exchange for a link placed on an organization’s public Web site.


5.2.5. In accordance with DOD 5500.7-R, Air Force public Web sites shall not require or encourage users to choose any specific browser software. Only text or hyperlinked text shall be used to direct visitors to software download sites. Graphics or logos depicting companies or products shall not appear on publicly accessible DOD Web sites.


Per DODI 8550.01

(2) Manual Review. All external links to non-USG sites shall be verified to ensure continued provision of the link quality (i.e., objectivity, utility, integrity) intended by the DoD Component and expected by users. Relying solely on automatic link validation tools is not sufficient, and frequent manual review of the content at external links is required.