Per OMB Guidance on implementation of the Government Paperwork Elimination Act, “Build and deploy electronic systems to replace paper-based systems.


The elimination of and replacement by Internet-based publishing complies with the e-Government Act 2002, the Paperwork Reduction Act, the Freedom of Information Act and the Rehabilitation Act, Section 508. Because paper products, like base newspapers, can never be made accessible for people with vision limitations, government agencies need to replace paper-based publications with electronic systems.


Per OMB Web Policy

A.Your agency is already required under OMB Circular A-130 and the Paperwork Reduction Act to disseminate information to the public in a timely, equitable, efficient, and appropriate manner and to maintain inventories of information dissemination products.


B. Section 207 of the E-Government Act2 requires your agency to develop priorities and schedules for making Government information available and accessible to the public.