PA Awards Programs Graphic

Air Force Public Affairs Awards

There are two main awards programs for the Public Affairs Community.

AF Communication Excellence Awards OPR: SAF/PAR

AF Media Contest (feeds DOD TJ Awards*) OPR: SAF/PAI


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The Air Force Public Affairs Awards for Communication Excellence program is designed to foster an environment of continual innovation, leading to more effective and efficient Air Force communication programs. There are two main categories of awards:  the Air Force Public Affairs Director's Excellence Awards, which recognize Air Force communication programs and efforts; and the Individual Awards for Communication Excellence, which recognize Air Force individuals for professional excellence as Air Force or joint organization communicators.

The Air Force Media Contest is a Public Affairs competition for Active Duty, National Guard, Reserve and Department of the Air Force civilians sponsored by the Secretary of the Air Force Office of Public Affairs and administered by the Air Force Public Affairs Agency. The purpose of the competition is to stimulate and reward excellence and professionalism in the print, graphics, photography, broadcast and musician career fields. Individuals and units receive awards for outstanding achievements in furthering Air Force and Department of Defense communication objectives.