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Public affairs professionals around the Air Force ensure all general officers have an updated official USAF biography on If a general officer in a unit doesn't have an official biography, public affairs professionals create one and submit it to the Defense Media Activity (DMA). If a posted biography needs edits or updates, public affairs professionals submit that information to
The DMA Biographies team also handles all changes made to Air Force fact sheets. Public affairs professionals can forward any changes to an Air Force fact sheet to    
5.1.3. Links to Key Leaders. Official biographies of general officers, civilian equivalents, and key senior enlisted personnel are maintained in the Air Force Link Library. Biographies, whether posted to the Air Force Link or the installation’s Web site, must not reveal names, addresses or other identifying material of family members of Air Force employees or members.
Personal and personnel security must be considered, and public disclosure of PII should be limited to pictures, names, biographies, and contact information of DoD personnel who, by the nature of their position and duties, frequently interact with the public, such as general or flag officers, public affairs officers, or personnel designated as official spokespersons.
2.5. Major Commands, Field Operating Agencies, and Direct Reporting Units. Conduct comprehensive, active PA programs to provide service members, the public, and media timely, accurate, and authoritative DOD and Air Force information contributing to awareness and understanding of the organization’s mission. These units will:
2.5.4. Prepare and update Air Force biographies of appropriate individuals IAW the current guidance provided by the DMA-San Antonio office.
2.11.3. Prepare, update, and submit Air Force biographies, to include an official photograph, for appropriate unit individuals as indicated on the Air Force PA Community of Practice (CoP). The link to the PA CoP is under helpful links.
1.7.4. Biographies and Photographs of Key Persons. Official photographs and biographies of general officers and key military and civilians maintained according to official biography requirements are releasable. For people other than these individuals, official photographs and biographies generally are not releasable.
For questions or information about Air Force biographies or fact sheets, e-mail