Plans and Programs

Mission Statement

Serve Air Force Public Affairs and Combat Camera (COMCAM) units worldwide with technology integration, equipment acquisition and lifecycle management, video production and accessioning management, and policy and COMCAM planning expertise.


To guide Air Force Public Affairs and COMCAM units in performing their missions effectively and efficiently, using cutting edge technologies and resources, while maximizing program integrity.


Programs Branch

The Programs Branch has multiple roles and responsibilities.

In its role as the Air Force Visual Information Program Management office, the programs branch (AOXX) is the Air Force lead for policy execution of AFI 35-109, Visual Information, leading the service’s compliance with Department of Defense Instruction (DODI) 5040.02, Visual Information Management, and multiple federal laws.  On behalf of the Department of Defense (DOD), the branch is the Air Force approval authority for managing the Defense Visual Information Activity Number approval process.  Additionally, AOXX is responsible for compiling and monitoring global visual information production data for resource management analysis.  AOXX represents Air Force visual information execution at the Defense Visual Information Steering Committee policy body.

In managing the Air Force Video Production Program, AOXX is the Air Force lead for service compliance with DODI 5040.07, Visual Information Productions.  In this capacity, it gives centralized approval and assigns Production Identification Numbers for all Air Force video productions to authorized production facilities.  Additionally, it serves as an Air Force representative to the Defense Production Management Group policy body for DODI 5040.07.

As the Air Force lead for Public Affairs and Visual Information Equipment Lifecycle Management, AOXX researches developing technologies, analyzes mission requirements, develops technical solutions, and creates plans to lead the Air Force’s effective and efficient technology integration.  The division oversees the Air Force’s Visual Information Equipment Plan process whereby global units submit requests for resources to achieve mission equipment lifecycle management.  AOXX is the Air Force office of primary responsibility for Allowance Standard 629, overseeing the policy process of approvals for procurement of visual information- and audiovisual-related equipment for all Air Force units worldwide.  It serves as the lead Air Force representative to the DOD Visual Information Standards and Technology Working Group, which establishes common technology processes, practices, and policy for military services.

The division serves as the Air Force execution lead for COMCAM policy on behalf of the DOD.  In this function, it is the subject matter expert for COMCAM mission analysis and equipment technology integration, and the lead for COMCAM Mobile Satellite Services Management providing imagery transmission capability from austere global locations and environments.  It provides subject matter expertise input to the Joint Combat Camera Planning Group, DOD’s policy body for COMCAM.

Lastly, AOXX manages contractor-provided support and policy compliance for critical information technology systems fielded by the Secretary of the Air Force Office of Public Affairs to support the Secretary of the Air Force, the Air Force Chief of Staff, and other senior leaders.

Plans Branch

The Plans Branch (AOXP) drafts and reviews guidance impacting the Air Force Public Affairs career field and COMCAM operations.

Additionally, AOXP performs outreach to develop and maintain relationships with Combatant Commands’, Numbered Air Forces’ and Major Commands’ planners to ensure COMCAM is innate to the planning process.  COMCAM is crucial in order to visually document wartime operations, worldwide crises, contingencies, and exercises.  Their imagery is critical to operational analysis of combat operations, information operations and historical documentation of Air Force and DOD history.

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