The Military Visual Journalism (MVJ) program, hosted by the Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, provides active-duty military personnel with an advanced photojournalism and motion media education.  Graduates complete a challenging 30-credit hour program and demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of visual and written storytelling. They are educated, not trained, in the art of communication.  Upon successful completion of the program, Airmen receive the Special Experience Identifier (SEI) 332 for photojournalists and 333 for broadcast journalists and can expect a challenging follow-on assignment.

Attendance in the program requires a permanent change of station to Syracuse, New York.  Students can expect to report in July and attend through the following May. Students receive follow-on assignment notification during the spring and depart Syracuse shortly after graduation.  Contact your MAJCOM Chief Enlisted Manager or the AFPAA POCs identified below for more information.


1.      Military Motion Media (MMM) Program and Photojournalism (MPJ) Program - AFSC: 3N0X2 Broadcast Journalist or 3N0X5 Photojournalist (3N0X2s can apply for MPJ and 3N0X5s can apply for MMM).  No prior Syracuse students may apply.

2.      Skill Level:  5 (by 1 Nov 17) or 7.

3.      Rank: SrA (by 1 Nov 17) thru TSgt (MSgt-selects not accepted).

4.      Total Active Federal Military Service (TAFMS): Greater than 4 years but less than 15 years as of 1 Jul 18.

5.      Assignment Limitations:  Ideally, candidates will meet the stateside time on station (TOS) requirement of 4 years and overseas applicants will have DEROS matching a July 2018 report date.  TOS waivers and DEROS curtailments will be considered on a case-by-case basis; however, at a minimum, CONUS assigned applicants must have a date arrived station of 1 Jul 16 or earlier and overseas applicants must have a DEROS no later than 1 Oct 18.

6.      Retainability:  Eligible to reenlist and meet a 3-year Active Duty Service Commitment date upon class graduation in May 2018 (must obtain retainability prior to class start).

7.      Physical Fitness:  Must have scored 80 or above on last two fitness tests, or 90 or above on most recent fitness test, no failure on any portion within the last 24 months.

8.      Airmen must be eligible for worldwide deployment to be considered for this program.