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  • Eye Opener: A look into helping sight-impaired veterans navigate websites

    Imagine going from seeing life sharply, every detail and color crisply, to experiencing the world in a blur, through pinholes, or not at all. To many, the loss of sight is devastating. They become dependent on others to perform even the simplest tasks.The Department of Veteran Affairs helps sight-impaired veterans navigate through a confusing time
  • Combat camera Airmen train to fight

    Fifteen Airmen from four Air Force combat camera squadrons and the Air Force Public Affairs Agency trained together during an Advanced Weapons and Tactics Training course in North Ogden, Utah, Sept. 6 - 12.Airmen completed a 120-hour program customized to train Airmen in strategic and tactical operations, and prepare them to operate in high-risk
  • 2013 Air Force Media Contest

    PA Professionals,I am proud to announce the results of the 2013 Air Force Media Contest. This year's competition garnered award-winning public affairs products in print journalism, to include Web and social media products, graphic art, photography, radio, television, video production and music.The contest is designed to inspire and reward
  • 2013 Air Force Visual Information Production Awards

    The following message was distributed March 11, 2014 regarding the award winners of the annual 2013 Air Force Visual Information Production Awards.PA Professionals,I am excited to send my first email as the Director of Air Force Public Affairs! I completed my first week in the job and it is a highlight for me to recognize the extraordinary work of
  • Social media policy balances Web 2.0 with security

    WASHINGTON, - The new policy allowing access to social media from computers connected to the Defense Department's unclassified network balances the mission value of Web 2.0 tools and the need for security, a top defense official said.Since being hired as principal deputy assistant secretary of defense for public affairs in June, Price B. Floyd has