AFPAA Leadership

Air Force Public Affairs Agency Col. Todd M. B. Vician

Deputy Commander, Air Force Public Affairs Agency
Lt. Col. Brandon J. Lingle

Senior Enlisted Leader, Air Force Public Affairs Agency
CMSgt Jill N. Victor

Col. Todd M. B. Vician, Commander,  Air Force Public Affairs Agency  Lt. Col. Brandon J. Lingle, Deputy Director of the Air Force Public Affairs Agency CMSgt Jill n. Victor, Senior Enlisted Leader for the Air Force Public Affairs Agency

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 Mailing address (US Postal Service) 
 ATTN: Air Force Public Affairs Agency
555 E St East, Bldg. 581
JBSA-Randolph, TX 78150

Phone: (210) 652-9000 / DSN 487-9000
Fax: (210) 652-4413 / DSN 487-4413

USAF Press Desk
Phone: (703) 695-0640 

AFPAA Mission

Provide premier combat camera, video production, unique communication capabilities and program management to advance global Air Force and DoD missions.

AFPAA History

AFPAA traces its roots to June 1, 1978, with the activation of the Air Force Service Information and News Center. AFSINC was redesignated as the Air Force News Center April 1, 1990, and became a field operating agency Feb. 5, 1991. It was redesignated to the Air Force News Agency Aug. 1, 1991, before its redesignation to AFPAA Oct. 1, 2008. AFPAA achieved full operational capability June 3, 2013.

AFPAAAir Force Public Affairs Agency

The Air Force Public Affairs Agency (AFPAA) is a field operating agency headquartered  at Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph, Texas.


Advance diverse Public Affairs capabilities through innovation and expertise.

 Air Force Public Affairs Agency

AFPAA Organization

Headquarters AFPAA consists of two directorates, the Directorates of Staff and Operations. Additionally, AFPAA is accountable for two Combat Camera Squadrons and six Operating Locations. The Directorate of Staff includes Financial Management, IT Support, Knowledge Operations, Logistics, and Personnel and Training. The Directorate of Operations includes Branding, Trademark and Licensing, Public Web, Plans and Programs, and career field development courses writers.

The agency oversees the 1st Combat Camera Squadron is located at JB Charleston, S.C., the 3rd Combat Camera Squadron is located at JB San Antonio-Lackland, Texas, and the Air Force’s tier 1 video production facility at Hill AFB, Utah.

The agency provides administrative and logistical support to six field offices across the United States. These include a command information branch at the Pentagon; Public Affairs assignment managers at the Air Force Personnel Center, JB San Antonio-Randolph, Texas; the Air Force Media Engagement Office in New York City; the Air Force Entertainment Liaison Office in Los Angeles; and the Combat Camera Detachment at Hurlbert AFB, Florida.

Combined, these offices and units encompass representatives from all specialties within the Public Affairs career field, and are charged with a multitude of unique public affairs responsibilities including: providing imagery documentation of Air Force warfighter and humanitarian relief missions; audiovisual production support; the public affairs visual information equipment purchasing program, the public web program, the branding and trademark licensing program, and serving as the Air Force’s primary liasion to the Defense Media Activity on Defense Video and Imagery Distribution System and the American Forces Public Information Management System.  Additionally, AFPAA serves as the sole force provider for combat camera forces in the Air Force.  AFPAA also provides career-field support through the development of career development courses for the Air Force's nearly 5,500 public affairs practitioners.

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